Study Guide

Nothing Chapter 9

By Janne Teller

Chapter 9

  • Boringly, Henrik just asks for Otto's boxing gloves.
  • Otto then proceeds to torture everybody by taking eight whole days to make up his mind.
  • It's not a fun day at school the day after the grand snake theft: Henrik's dad gives everybody detention because none of them will admit to stealing it. Everybody, that is, except for Henrik.
  • And on top of that, Pierre Anthon is still tormenting everybody from the tree. He tells them all they'll ever end up doing is getting some job from which they'll want to take vacation time so they can do nothing, and recommends that they just get used to doing nothing now.
  • And then Otto decides what he's going to ask for: Elise's dead baby brother.
  • That's right. Otto has upped the ante to grave-robbing. He wants little Emil's coffin on top of the heap of meaning. Um, gross?
  • He tells them it will take six people to make it happen: four taking turns digging and two keeping watch. They decide to draw cards the following day to decide who the other four (besides Otto and Elise) will be.
  • Agnes is in charge of bringing the cards, and she marks the twos so she'll be sure to draw a low number and not have to go.Ā 
  • But of course, the next day, Jon-Johan decides that they all have to take the top card on the stack to prevent cheating, and Agnes draws an ace and has to go, because that's kind of the way the world turns for Agnes.
  • The other three who have to are Richard, Jon-Johan, and Holy Karl, who has to bring his bike trailer to haul the coffin.
  • They agree to meet at Richard's at 11:00 that night and head to the graveyard together.

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