Study Guide

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation, Volume I: The Pox Party Part 1, Chapter 19

By M.T. Anderson

Part 1, Chapter 19

  • Octavian's eleven-years-old when Lord Cheldthorpe (02-01) dies.
  • Who's Lord Cheldthorpe (02-01)? Oh… just the most important donor to the College.
  • All of which means, of course, that the College has lost a major source of its funding.
  • Bad news.
  • But wait—there's this nephew, who has been named Lord Cheldthorpe in place of the old L.C., and this nephew is coming to the College to see if it's worth all the money his uncle was pouring into it.
  • Mr. Gitney is totally nervous because everything hangs on this visit, and no one knows anything about this new Lord Cheldthorpe.
  • Mr. Gitney does let everyone know though that the new L.C. will be numbered 02-06, though.
  • When the new Lord Cheldthorpe arrives, the first thing he asks (which is totally weird, even for the scholars at the College) is whether or not a one-legged bird could be lured to his side. Like—as a real scientific problem, worthy of research and study. (Told you it's weird.)
  • Mr. Gitney doesn't really know how to respond, so he just kind of mumbles his response and introduces the nephew to Cassiopeia.
  • Lord Cheldthorpe, clearly digging Cassiopeia, asks to be called "Lord Cheldthorpe of the New Creation." (If you need to take a break and gag on your own vomit, go right ahead.)
  • Cassiopeia welcomes the "New Creation" in style, to "Eden."

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