Study Guide

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation, Volume I: The Pox Party Part 1, Chapter 20

By M.T. Anderson

Part 1, Chapter 20

  • Lord Cheldthorpe and Cassiopeia totally hit it off—they flirt and flirt and flirt some more.
  • Octavian's not so into their flirtation, though, and at one point he acts out by throwing and breaking Cassiopeia's crayons, even though he says he's just drawing an erupting volcano.
  • Things are going so well with Lord Cheldthorpe's visit that he offers to fund a field trip to the wilds of New York (and no, we don't mean Manhattan—we're talking actual wilderness here).
  • Mr. Gitney tells everyone at the College that the goal of the trip will be threefold: to woo Lord Cheldthorpe into seeing how the New World can be profitable, pleasurable, and important to science.

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