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The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation, Volume I: The Pox Party Part 2, Chapter 13

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Part 2, Chapter 13

  • Bono's quiet too, but only because he doesn't want the masters to know his plans.
  • We don't know what his plan is either, but it has something to do with his habit of reading and clipping articles after Mr. Gitney is done with them.
  • After he clips them, Bono pastes the clippings into this big book.
  • One day, Mr. Sharpe sees him pasting an article into the book, and though Bono tries to redirect his attention, Mr. Sharpe isn't fooled. He takes the book, reads it, and then orders Bono to go get Mr. Gitney so he can get a whipping.
  • Bono's mad (for good reason).
  • Octavian finally sees the book after they all leave the kitchen area; he sees that the articles are all about the horrors of slavery—with graphic pictures.
  • Mr. Gitney burns the book an hour later, but Octavian can't forget the horrors he sees because those pictures are the "common property of them all."

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