Study Guide

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation, Volume I: The Pox Party Part 2, Chapter 7

By M.T. Anderson

Part 2, Chapter 7

  • Bono isn't just about teaching Octavian how to get by in and outside of the household—he also shows Octavian how to fool the masters.
  • For instance, one time Mr. Sharpe gets his tie spotted with some chemical mixture.
  • He gives the tie to the laundry-maid to clean, but she can't, so she gives it to Bono, who—it just so happens—is the king of laundering stains.
  • He tells Octavian how he would clean the stain (the process is long and involves vinegar and sheep's bones), but when Mr. Sharpe asks Bono if he can get it out, Bono says there's just no way.
  • Mr. Sharpe's not happy about it, but what can he do?
  • So when Bono asks if he could keep the tie—now that it's ruined, and all—Mr. Sharpe lets him.
  • Bono cleans the stain off of the tie that very night, and two days later, he's wearing the tie out of the house. Boo ya.

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