Study Guide

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation, Volume I: The Pox Party Part 3, Chapter 21

By M.T. Anderson

Part 3, Chapter 21

  • It's the next day.
  • The camp is full of dying people since the Brits overtook their fort on the Hill, but Goring hears that the Brits had heavy losses too.
  • Goring may cry, but they stood their ground.
  • The scene is nuts—everyone's thirsty; wheelbarrows are filled with screaming, bloody boys; stretchers are dumped on garden beds; men hobble everywhere.
  • By the surgeon's tent, where someone is always screaming, they also can see a basket with twelve feet—the soles are still muddy, but without any bodies.
  • (Go ahead; retch away.)
  • Goring, however, is still—wholly—Shun's brother.

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