Study Guide

Peisistratos in The Odyssey

By Homer

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Sometimes spelled Peisistratus or Pisistratus. Nestor's son. He accompanies Telemachos to Sparta to see King Menelaos. Unlike Telemachos, he's super good at speaking in public. Check out the way he talks to Athene/ Mentor:

My guest, make your prayer now to the lord Poseidon, for his is the festival you have come to on your arrival; but when you have poured to him and prayed, according to custom, then give this man also a cup of the sweet wine, so that he too can pour, for I think he also will make his prayer to the immortals. All men need the gods. But this one is a younger man than you, and of the same age as I am. This is why I am first giving you the goblet. (3.43-50)

That's what comes of having your dad around.

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