Study Guide

Of Mice and Men Three Act Plot Analysis

By John Steinbeck

Three Act Plot Analysis

Act I

It Could Be Bunnies

Lennie and George plan to get a job on a ranch near Soledad, California where they can earn some money to realize their shared dream: their own little place, where George can have freedom and Lennie can have… rabbits.

Act II

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

After only three days, things aren't going so well: the ranch is full of petty cruelty, competition, and general malaise. There's one moment of hope when Candy offers to pitch in some money for their ranch dream, but that's quickly shattered when Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife. Curley is out for blood, and even Slim admits there's got to be some consequences.


Mercy Killing

Out of options to protect Lennie, George finds Lennie, lulls him into a comfortable, happy place talking of the dream farm, then … shoots his friend in the back of the head. Poof, a dream destroyed.