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The Old Man and the Sea Day Five

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Day Five

  • The boy finds the old man asleep the next morning and, seeing his hands, starts to cry. And cry.
  • Everyone (the fishermen) is on the beach, measuring the eighteen-foot skeleton.
  • We find out in conversation that the boy took "two fine fish" the day before. But he doesn’t want to talk about his fish.
  • The boy brings coffee to the old man, who says, "They beat me." Not the fish, he says, but "afterwards."
  • They searched for him while he was gone, it turns out.
  • The old man likes having someone to talk to.
  • The old man doesn’t want the boy to fish with him, since he (the old man) is unlucky.
  • Screw luck, says the boy.
  • They decide the old man needs to heal himself before he falls apart at the seams.
  • He asks for the newspapers from the days he was gone.
  • The old man insists on giving the head of the fish (all that’s left) to Pedrico, the guy who gave them food at the beginning of the story.
  • Some silly tourists ask about the skeleton, which is now garbage at the edge of the sea. They misunderstand the answer, thinking it's a shark. Oh, the irony.
  • And the old man? The old man is dreaming about the lions.

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