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Morgan le Fay in The Once and Future King

By T.H. White

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Morgan le Fay

Another one of the Famous Cornwall Sisters, Morgan is Morgause's sister (and Arthur's aunt). She's a fairy, or maybe just an enchantress; the upshot is she's an enigma—no one really knows what she is. She sleeps on a bed of lard in Castle Chariot (nasty). She's "a fat, dowdy, middle-aged woman with black hair and a slight moustache, but she was made of human flesh." (S.10.105)

In the first book, she's pretty comical and non-threatening—albeit with really bad taste in beds—but the next time we see her, she's amped up her threat level considerably. Along with three other Queens, she kidnaps Lancelot and makes him choose who his mistress will be.

She also fights dirty—she's the one who puts Elaine in a boiling pot of water. She also sends all of the various magical "faithfulness" tricks (such as the magical cloak and the magical drinking horn) to Camelot in an attempt to spill the beans on Lancelot and Guenever's affair.

She's described as the worst of the Cornwall sisters (C.11.59). We agree, especially because we'll never get over that whole bed-of-lard thing. That will haunt our dreams.

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