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The Once and Future King Book 1, Chapter 10

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Book 1, Chapter 10

  • So, Wart and Kay set off into the forest.
  • Eventually, the pair runs into a hunchbacked man who has just chopped down a tree.
  • Kay thinks that this weird guy can't possibly be the adventure they're looking for.
  • When the old guy doesn't answer them, they continue on into the forest.
  • Now we're talking! The two boys run into a giant man (at least seven feet tall and wearing a kilt!) lying asleep under a giant tree.
  • Apparently, this guy isn't the adventure either, because he points them further into the forest.
  • Oh, wait. He is part of the adventure, and reveals himself to be Little John (yes—of Robin Hood fame).
  • In fact, he's going to take the boys to Robin Hood (though Little John tells them "Hood" isn't really Robin's name).
  • Turns out, his real name is Robin Wood (because he rules the woods, apparently).
  • And, he lives in a super cool tree house built into a giant lime tree.
  • Robin Wood and Marian are sitting among the roots of the lime tree, singing a duet.
  • The two boys show Robin their skills at archery. The band of merry men is fairly impressed with their skills; they can tell the boys have been taught well.
  • Robin wants the boys to accompany him and his men on an outing against Morgan le Fay.
  • Morgan is a fairy… or an enchantress… or something else not altogether human. Whatever she is, she has taken Friar Tuck prisoner and is holding him at Castle Chariot (odd name for a castle).
  • This all happened because the Dog Boy called out to Cavall (Wart's hound), and a fairy came and snatched all of them away: Tuck, Cavall, Wat, and the Dog Boy.
  • Kay decides they must go rescue Tuck (and Wart's dog Cavall) from Morgan's clutches.

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