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The Once and Future King Book 2, Chapter 11

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Book 2, Chapter 11

  • The next morning, Pellinore finds Sir Grummore and Sir Palomides trapped on a cliff ledge by the Questing Beast. They are in immediate danger of falling down and killing themselves. Or being loved to death by the Questing Beast.
  • They demand that he kill the beast; Pellinore, of course, refuses. You didn't think he actually wanted her dead, did you?
  • Well, at least Grummore and Palomides have succeeded in cheering up Pellinore. He laughs at the ridiculousness of their cosplaying as the Questing Beast, and now being trapped by their own ingenuity.
  • Pellinore suggests that Grummore and Palomides flirt with the Questing Beast so that they can get down off the cliff's ledge and return to the palace.
  • Sir Palomides almost falls. But then Grummore luckily catches him by his costumed tail.
  • It's apparent that Pellinore is going to have his fun as a way of getting the pair back for their idiotic plan.
  • In the end, they convince him to hold the Questing Beast by the tail while they make a run for it.
  • For his trouble, Pellinore gets bitten.
  • Seeing the two chased by the Questing Beast causes lots of excitement at the castle.
  • Poor Glatisant! She wails piteously outside the castle gate.
  • Since he is nowhere to be seen, Palomides and Grummore fear that Pellinore has been gobbled up by the beast.
  • But wait! Who's that sauntering down the road? Why, it looks like King Pellinore, with his arm around a middle-aged lady.
  • Yes—it's the Queen of Flanders' daughter. The two are reunited at last.
  • We find out that Pellinore never put a return address on any of his letters, so how in the world was Piggy supposed to respond?
  • Luckily for Pellinore, Piggy is much smarter than he. She took to her horse and went out on her own quest—to find Pellinore. She was aided by none other than the Questing Beast. And the magical barge. What a pair of sidekicks.
  • After trying to figure out how to get the Questing Beast to stop laying siege to the castle, Piggy settles her hash: she smacks Glatisant on the nose with her riding crop, and the gate crashes down.
  • This only works for a while, because Glatisant is determined to have her mate.
  • In a sudden twist of events, Saint Toirdealbhach is preparing to marry Mother Morlan, and the G-boys are now allowed to serve at supper every night. Their mother even takes them for walks.
  • Pellinore, Grummore, and Palomides are given an invitation they can't refuse: to the Saint's impromptu bachelor party.
  • The three Englishmen now feel truly welcome in the North for the first time since they've been there.

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