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The Once and Future King Book 2, Chapter 13

By T.H. White

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Book 2, Chapter 13

  • Several weeks later, back at Queen Morgause's castle, King Pellinore and Piggy are discussing the names of their four future children: Aglovale, Percivale, Lamorak, and Dornar.
  • The Questing Beast is still in love with the fake beast, and is still staking out the castle.
  • Into this situation, King Lot—defeated—returns with the remnants of his army.
  • The three English knights had no idea until that point that Arthur was even at war with King Lot.
  • Ultimately, Pellinore refuses to have Glatisant killed, so she just kind of lounges around the castle, still laying siege to it.
  • Merlyn soon shows up; it's almost time for him to meet Nimue.
  • He's still trying to remember that one thing that he is certain he forgot to tell Arthur. It hasn't stopped bothering him.
  • When the three knights explain to Merlyn why the Questing Beast is besieging the castle, he tells them to explain the mix-up to her.
  • Before he vanishes, Merlyn tells Pellinore to psychoanalyze Glatisant, and tell her a bit about the facts of life, since she won't believe them about the mix-up.
  • We learn that Morgause is going to Carlion the next day for King Pellinore's wedding—and also to beg for King Arthur's pardon on behalf of her husband. She's taking the kids with her.
  • Of course, Lot wants to put a stop to this, and forbids Queen Morgause from going.
  • She, however, has just the thing to take care of him. She has a magical piece of human skin (yeah—gross) called a Spancel that will bind a man to her will.
  • The downside is that if he awakens while she tries to put the Spancel on him, he'll die within a year.
  • In another part of the castle, Morgause's four sons are excited that they're going to England.
  • They pray to never forget their homeland, and that they will always be true to their mother.
  • Woah… bad omen. Outside the window, the weather vane, which has a carrion crow upon it (a symbol of death) spins toward the South.

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