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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 12

By T.H. White

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Book 3, Chapter 12

  • Even with the change of surroundings, Lancelot's still pining away for Guenever.
  • But Elaine has fallen in love with Lancelot. And really: do you blame her?
  • With nothing else to do (except mope around), Lancelot gets drunk with the butler, and they sit around talking about love.
  • Lance gets some good news: Guenever is at a castle nearby, and the King isn't with her.
  • The next morning, Lancelot wakes up, thinking he's in bed with his Guen. Oops: it's actually Elaine.
  • Lancelot is so upset that he threatens to kill Elaine; she has betrayed him (and remember: he greatly valued his virginity, because he believed that was the source of his super strength and knightly talents).
  • He's no longer as strong as ten guys (or so he thinks).
  • Plus, only virgins can work miracles, so now that's gone out the window.
  • Turns out, Elaine thought up this whole plan—because she loved him.
  • She wants to have his baby and name him Galahad, just like his daddy.
  • Lancelot wants nothing to do with this. He tells her that if she has a baby, it's hers, and not his (uh, we think biology will disagree with you on that one, Lance).

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