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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 15

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Book 3, Chapter 15

  • On the same day Arthur returns from France, Sir Bors (Lancelot's cousin) shows up at Camelot telling everyone that Elaine had given birth to Lancelot's son, whom she named Galahad.
  • And now Guenever is mad. Apparently, Lancelot conveniently left out the whole sleeping with Elaine episode when he was spilling his heart's darkest secrets to her.
  • Of course, though, Elaine means nothing to him, he assures Guen.
  • Wrong thing to say: she should mean something to him, especially now that she has his son.
  • Lance then tells her the entire story: how Elaine got him drunk, and made up the pretense of Guenever being at a nearby castle.
  • Now, Guen wants to kill Elaine, but Lancelot assures her it was not her fault, either. Which is confusing, because exactly whose fault is it, then?
  • Even though they make up, there are now seeds of doubt planted in their relationship.

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