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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 17

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Book 3, Chapter 17

  • Guenever greets Elaine at the castle gate like she's her best frenemy.
  • After Guenever sees the baby, she gets all snippy with Lancelot and tells him he'd better not mess around with Elaine under her roof. He needs to just stay away from her.
  • In fact, she's put Elaine in the room right next to her, so she'll know if there's any hanky-panky during the night. She'll try to get away from Arthur that night and will send for him, and if he doesn't come right away, she'll know he's with Elaine.
  • Lancelot finally goes to meet his son.
  • Elaine takes this as good news, and tries to hug him, but Lancelot throws her off him and leaves.

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