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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 19

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Book 3, Chapter 19

  • Two years pass, and King Pelles and Sir Bliant are chatting about a Wild Man, who must be a gentleman (judging from some of his behavior, although he runs around naked) and has some mad skills at fighting.
  • Sir Bliant believes this guy was Sir Lancelot, but everyone else believes he's dead: he was apparently gored by a boar's tusk and died in a hermitage.
  • The Wild Man had attacked Sir Bliant previously, and then jumped into his pavilion with his naked wife, and went to sleep.
  • This guy stayed with Sir Bliant for a year and a half. The pair continues to speculate for a while that this might be Lancelot, who has since died (maybe gaining his sanity at the end).
  • Elaine is now in a convent, and is probably going to become a nun the next year.

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