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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 2

By T.H. White

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Book 3, Chapter 2

  • And now we get a bit of a flash-forward: Lancelot will end up being the bestest and greatest knight Arthur ever had.
  • Tristram and Lamorak will be close seconds.
  • So, jousting is kind of like cricket. We get an explanation of how the two games are scored and the different techniques the players use.
  • Right now, though, Lancelot is hanging out in the Armoury, which is where he spends most of his time. It's kind of like a medieval version of Gold's Gym.
  • He's super serious about training himself well enough to be worthy for Arthur.
  • Uncle Dap oversees the Armoury, and is responsible for his training. He even beats Lancelot when the boy is stupid. You have to remember: medieval parents didn't have such enlightened notions about how to deal with children.
  • Lancelot spends three years in the Armoury, not counting when he eats and sleeps. Dang.
  • Knights-in-training like Lance have to go through a whole program, where they fight statues, and then work their way up to fighting a real human being—like a cousin or a younger brother.
  • They also have to learn to trust others, because who can even get into all that armor on their own? Not even Lancelot, as great of a knight as he will be.
  • So, three years of super-hard training, and Lancelot is much more serious about it than all the other boys.
  • Aside from physical training, pre-knights also have to think about philosophical problems relating to chivalry.
  • Lancelot puts up with all of this, because Arthur.
  • And he has his own Big Dream that keeps him going: he wants to be able to perform some kind of miracle, like healing someone or something.

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