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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 22

By T.H. White

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Book 3, Chapter 22

  • We might think that Elaine would stay right by Lancelot's side, and take advantage of his weakness, but she doesn't.
  • Lancelot tells her that he needs to be making plans, but he can't return to Camelot.
  • Well, Elaine says, why not let my Dad hook you up with a castle, then, and we can live there together?
  • He's straight with her, and tells her he doesn't love her and that he still loves Guenever.
  • Finally, Lancelot tells her he can stay with her, but he can't ever marry her.
  • Elaine still is willing to have Lance on these terms. Lancelot finds this humiliating and doesn't understand why she's willing to do this.
  • So, King Pelles gives them a castle, kicking out Sir Bliant (the previous tenant).
  • Lancelot doesn't want to be known by his name, though. Instead, he calls himself the Chevalier Mal Fet (his old childhood name he knew he would use someday). He's got to keep this on the downlow, because if word gets out that he's still alive Arthur will summon him back to court, and that's an offer he can't refuse.
  • Elaine names the castle Joyous Island. Somehow, we think this won't turn out to be so joyous.
  • Once the two move into Joyous Island, Elaine gushes, everything's going to be just peachy. Lance can educate Galahad, and he can even have his own hobbies, like jousting and tourneying.
  • They have to be careful, though, so no one finds out he's really Lance.

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