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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 23

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Book 3, Chapter 23

  • Elaine throws a big tournament for Lancelot, and (of course) he really kicks butt and defeats every single knight. He doesn't kill anyone, though.
  • She notices for the first time that the female figure on his shield that she thought was her is actually Guenever (since she's crowned). Talk about rubbing salt into wounds.
  • A little bit after the tournament, two random knights show up at Joyous Island, wanting to joust Le Chevalier.
  • Lancelot jousts and then sword fights with the first knight.
  • When the knight demands to know Le Chevalier's real name, Lancelot admits who he really is.
  • Turns out, these are knights from Arthur's court: Degalis and Lancelot's own brother, Ector Demaris (and not Ector, Arthur's foster-father).
  • Guen has sent knights out to search for Lancelot, spending a lot of cash to do so.
  • Elaine watches all of this, and knows she must welcome them, even though she also knows that her temporary happiness is now probably at an end.

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