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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 30

By T.H. White

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Book 3, Chapter 30

  • Sir Aglovale (one of Pellinore's sons) returns next. First thing, he asks Arthur if the G-boys are around, because he's got a score to settle.
  • Arthur asks him to think really hard about continuing the feud. In the meantime, Aglovale tells us about his Grail adventures.
  • There wasn't much for him, but his brother and sister figured into the stories quite a bit.
  • Sir Percivale (Aglovale's brother) journeyed around with Galahad. It seems Percy is worthy of Galahad, because he's also "a maiden knight" (which means he hasn't known the company of women, if you get our meaning).
  • Even so, when Percy gets drunk with a woman, even after discovering she's a devil, he stabs a sword through his own thigh because he feels so badly about his mistake.
  • In the meanwhile, Aglovale's sister (they don't even bother naming her) is living at a convent, and has been told in a vision to save her hair in a box. She gets another vision that tells her to go look for Sir Galahad.
  • She finds him, and the two of them go to the seashore, where they find a magical boat awaiting them, with Sir Bors and Sir Percivale already in it and waiting to set off.
  • This boat leads them to another barge, which has a letter on it saying that those who are not in perfect faith had better not even try to get in the boat.
  • They find some nifty items in this new boat: King David's sword and three magical spindles made from wood from the famous tree in the Garden of Eden.
  • Did you forget about that box of hair? Aglovale's sister uses the spindles to spin her hair into a girdle, which is a sort of belt-type garment.
  • The belt is used to attach the super special sword of King David to… Galahad. You didn't think Sir Bors or Sir Percivale were worthier than him, did you?
  • After rescuing some people at a castle (basically ruthlessly slaughtering a bunch of people, but this is alright because they have not been christened—Galahad's words, not ours!), Aglovale's sister is bled dry at another castle, since they need the blood of a virgin to heal the owner of the castle.
  • After she dies, Aglovale's sister is floated off down the river in a boat, with the letter detailing all of their adventures attached to her.
  • Later that night, Aglovale asks Arthur to invite the Orkney boys to have dinner with him (Aglovale) the next day. It seems the feud stops with this guy.
  • This makes Arthur extremely happy.

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