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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 33

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Book 3, Chapter 33

  • Arthur is not too happy about Lancelot's story so far.
  • On with his story: Lancelot then has a dream telling him to get on a ship that will come for him. He does, and sails off.
  • So, he sails all around for about a month. Oh, did we forget to mention there was a dead lady on the boat? There was!
  • And she has a letter, which gives Lancelot news of how Galahad, Percivale, and Bors have been faring.
  • Then Galahad shows up, and lets Lancelot kiss his sword. Afterwards, the pair sails around for six months.
  • One day, a white knight rides up to the shore and asks that Galahad come with him. Lancelot knows he's being taken off to see the Holy Grail, and this makes him feel left out. Lance wants to see the Grail, too!
  • After Galahad gallivants off, the ship takes Lancelot to the rear entrance of Castle Carbonek. Clearly, he's not worthy enough to enter through the front door.
  • Once he fights his way past a couple of lions into the castle, he sees a door leading into a chapel.
  • He tries to go through, but can't. There's a magnificent sight—the Holy Grail sitting upon a silver table—but he isn't allowed in. He's only allowed to see this glimpse, and can see Galahad, Percivale and Bors inside, getting the real VIP treatment.
  • He does get to help a mysterious priest (possibly Joseph of Arimathea) carry something really heavy, but then he's hit with a super hot blast and falls down unconscious.

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