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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 34

By T.H. White

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Book 3, Chapter 34

  • The Queen is taking a bath. You might think that since she's so into her appearance right now that it must mean she's back in the sack with Lancelot, but you would be wrong.
  • We learn that Guenever is childless, and will always be childless, and she goes a bit crazy later in life because of this.
  • Arthur's got two illegitimate kids running around (including Mordred), and Lancelot had Galahad. It's really Guenever who should have had kids. She'd make a great mother.
  • Later on, Guenever will become kind of unpopular, and she'll be accused of poisoning a knight.
  • For now, though, she's busy in the bathtub.
  • Lancelot, however, is thinking he's going to be able to keep his newfound chastity, and stay true to his penance. He's wondering how he'll be able to resist Guenever, though.
  • In a previous conversation, Lancelot told her that there's no way they can go back to how they were behaving, not after the whole Grail Quest thing. Because, check it out: if it weren't for their adultery, he'd have achieved the Grail. Way to blame the woman in a roundabout way there, Lancelot.
  • Also, those Orkney boys are making evil eyes at them, and if they start seeing each other again, something bad is sure to happen.
  • Plus, it would just not be fair to his bestie, Arthur.
  • Did we mention because of God? He's also quite concerned about that.
  • He tries to convert her to his way of thinking. If they both become Godly, he won't have to be separated from her.
  • Guen thinks about all this as she's finishing up her bath.

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