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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 38

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Book 3, Chapter 38

  • Nimue (remember her?) shows up and tells everyone how the poisoning actually happens. Turns out, she's time-challenged, and really meant to get there earlier.
  • Sir Pinel flees Camelot, but leaves a written confession.
  • Even though Lancelot has saved Guenever, he's still loyal to his promises made during the Grail Quest, and will not dally with her.
  • Guenever looks at this situation as the exact same thing as Lancelot being in love with another woman. She's part of the First Wives Club, and now God's the younger, prettier mistress.
  • In fact, who needs stupid Lancelot anyway… because Guenever certainly doesn't need him. In fact, she hasn't been into him since even before the Grail Quest. So there!
  • Plus, she's got a hot new knight who she's way more interested in. So, maybe Lance should just go back to Elaine and maybe they can pray with each other all night, since they're so holy now.
  • It looks like Guen has gone a bit nuts in her lovesickness for Lancelot.
  • Arthur wants to organize a huge tournament to celebrate how Guenever has been found innocent. But what an idiot! He selects for the location the castle where Elaine now lives.
  • Guenever tells Lancelot that she bets he just can't wait to go and be with Elaine. Or God.
  • So, Lancelot decides to not go, since Guenever is so angry.
  • And Guenever decides to stay away, and now tells Lancelot to go to the tournament. Sheesh… make up your mind already!
  • Since Lancelot has told Arthur he can't go because of his wound (that pesky wound from Mador still won't heal totally), it would now look really suspicious, so Lancelot has no other choice but to stay at Camelot.
  • Nevertheless, Guen sends him off to Corbin, the castle where Elaine now lives.
  • And this is how Lancelot ends up keeping the kind-of promise he made to Elaine earlier—that he would return to her someday.
  • When he arrives, he sees Elaine on the castle wall, and she tells him he'll be staying for good now.

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