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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 4

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Book 3, Chapter 4

  • To recap: Lancelot is eighteen, on his way to Camelot with Uncle Dap, and he's super jealous of not only Gawain, but also Guenever. He wants Arthur all to himself.
  • As they're riding toward Camelot (they're off the boat now), they run into a knight all in black armor that challenges Lancelot to a joust.
  • This is a big moment for our Lance; it's his first Real Life Joust with a Real Life Knight.
  • He gets a good look at the anonymous knight's shield. It's gold with a red dragon. Uh oh… dragon: this sounds kind of familiar.
  • When they get back to the palace, Arthur knights Lancelot. He was waiting specially for Arthur to do this. He could have been knighted a couple of years ago.
  • He also meets Guenever, and is so not impressed.
  • He really doesn't like her, until one day when they're out hawking, and Guenever makes a mistake reeling the hawk back in, and does it wrong.
  • Lance isn't really happy about this, and gives her a dirty look.
  • Then, he realizes that he has hurt her, and that she's a real person.

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