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The Once and Future King Book 3, Chapter 44

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Book 3, Chapter 44

  • At the last moment, Lancelot arrives at the combat—as sensational as ever!
  • A young maiden let Lancelot out of the dungeon in exchange for a kiss. This caused him a moral pang of conscience, but he'll deal.
  • At the first charge, Meliagrance flops down and yields. Lancelot is having none of it. The big baby! The fight hasn't even gotten started yet.
  • Lancelot looks to Guenever in the audience, and she gives him the thumbs down. Apparently, she thinks Meliagrance is dangerous to keep around. He could spill their secret.
  • Wanting to always be chivalrous and show mercy to his opponents, Lancelot tells Meliagrance that he'll put the odds in his favor: if he'll agree to fight, he'll unarm his left side, and will fight without a shield with his left hand tied behind his back.
  • Meliagrance agrees, and Lancelot is prepped.
  • Even though Lancelot turns his unarmed side to receive Meliagrance's sword blow, almost at the same time he strikes his own blow and kills the other knight.

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