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The Once and Future King Book 4, Chapter 6

By T.H. White

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Book 4, Chapter 6

  • Lancelot's all ready to pay a visit to his lady. In fact, all he's wearing is a dressing gown and a towel on his head. Other than that, he's nekkid.
  • Gareth shows up, all freaking out and trying to warn Lancelot about how his brothers are going to try to catch him with Guen.
  • A bit too arrogant, Lancelot gives him the brush off. It's not going to happen. People have tried to do this before, and they've all failed.
  • Gareth pleads with him to not go to the Queen's room tonight, because something bad is going to happen.
  • Of course Lancelot doesn't believe this, because he can't imagine the King would be in on the plan at all.
  • Plus... Agravaine? What a joke. Lancelot could beat him without armor, just like he did that knight a long time ago whose wife had tricked him into climbing up a tree almost naked.
  • Lancelot goes to the Queen.

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