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The Once and Future King Book 4, Chapter 7

By T.H. White

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Book 4, Chapter 7

  • In her bedchamber, Lancelot and Guenever talk about a possible plot to catch them—which neither believe.
  • But, Guen recognizes, what if Arthur was forced to participate? After all, he's got a fine sense of justice.
  • Lancelot reminisces about how England was before Arthur started spreading his new ideas about Might, sort of like a Johnny Appleseed, but sprinkling around ideas on chivalry instead of apple seeds.
  • Talk turns to the three best knights: Lancelot, Tristram, and Lamorak. And Lancelot is the only one still alive.
  • Hmmm... and Agravaine hates all three of these guys. And two are dead.
  • Suddenly, Guen tells Lance that she now believes Gareth's warning, and those G-men are going to try to catch them. Tonight. Now.
  • At that point, they see the door handle moving. Someone's trying to get in.
  • It's Agravaine, and he demands that they open the door in the name of the King. There's many guys out in the hallway, and they're making a dreadful racket, calling Lancelot a "Traitor Knight" and telling him to come out of the Queen's bedroom.
  • Too bad Lancelot's without armor.
  • Lance tells Guen that if he's killed, to go to Sir Bors and his family. They'll take care of her.
  • After protecting his arms with his black cloak, Lancelot opens the door a smidge, and a one-armed knight falls in.
  • Lance makes quick work of him, and Guen helps get him into the dead guy's armor.
  • Before he walks out the door to confront his accusers, they kiss and exchange rings.
  • First, Lancelot tries to reason with the knights, letting them know he'll be back the next day to face Arthur and the accusations.
  • Not a chance, Mordred tells him. We could just kill you if we wanted to.
  • Well, then bring it, Lancelot tells them.

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