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One Crazy Summer Narrator Point of View

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Narrator Point of View

First Person (Central)

One Crazy Summer is the Delphine show, through and through. Not only is she the main character, she's also the narrator, telling us about this wild experience as it happens (we know because she uses I all the time). We get to see everything through Delphine's eyes as she goes along. Check out what she says about the Center:

I felt silly and wrong calling a grown person Brother So-and-So or Sister Such-and-Such, but thanks to Cecile, we now had brothers and sisters we had never before laid eyes on. (11.2)

Notice how she explains to us what's happening and how she feels about it? It's a pretty complete picture for us as readers. The only downside to this first-person narration style is that when Delphine doesn't know something, we don't either. There are a couple times in the book where Delphine isn't sure (or doesn't quite understand) what is happening. Instead of a know-it-all narrator jumping in and explaining it to us, we just get Delphine's limited understanding of it. She's only eleven, after all.

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