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One Crazy Summer Tone

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Snarky but Honest (With Us)

Part of why we like hanging out with Delphine is that she's always open with us (as readers) about how she feels. To the rest of the world? Not so much. Delphine often hides the truth from people around her, especially Cecile.

For instance, when Delphine decides she's had enough egg rolls to last a lifetime, she doesn't bother filling Cecile in on the details. Instead she asks for dinner money, the same as she does every day, before turning around and confiding in us:

I was glad Cecile handed over the money without fuss or questions. That saved me from lying about getting shrimp lo mein when I had no intention of going to Ming's. (16.4)

When it comes to Cecile, Delphine definitely brings the sass. Which makes sense—Cecile hasn't exactly earned glowing reviews or incredible deference from her daughter. And since much of the book is about Delphine and Cecile, this snarky tone often dominates, accompanied by honest asides to readers.

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