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One Crazy Summer Writing Style

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Writing Style


Seeing things directly from Delphine's point of view makes us feel like we're old friends. And how do we talk to our friends? In a lighthearted, conversational way of course—no formalities here. Check out the way the novel starts:

Good thing the plane had seat belts and we'd been strapped in tight before takeoff. Without them, that last jolt would have been enough to throw Vonetta into orbit and Fern across the aisle. (1.1)

That sounds just like we're a couple of old pals gabbing over coffee, right? Delphine doesn't make us feel like we're reading a stuffy history book about an important time in U.S. history—instead she's relaxed the whole time, just talking about her life as she lives it. When we think about it, this makes perfect sense: We may look back on the Civil Rights Movement as this incredibly important time in U.S. history, but for Delphine, it's just what's going on around her as she grows up. The Civil Rights Movement is part of the ordinary everyday for her.

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