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One Crazy Summer Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Coloring and La-La

  • The next morning the girls go back to the People's Center for breakfast.
  • Things start to warm up a little.
  • Delphine is surprised to see two white delivery men stay for a while and be all buddy-buddy with the Black Panthers.
  • Meanwhile, Vonetta tries to become besties with the three anonymous rival sisters from the previous morning.
  • Delphine is starting to think she likes this place… but then Crazy Kelvin calls the delivery men "racist dogs" and ruins it for her.
  • After breakfast they go into the classroom where large posters crowd the floor.
  • Actually, they're placards—big signs with slogans and protest phrases written on them.
  • The assignment is to color them in and help with the cause.
  • Delphine notices one that says "Remember Li'l Bobby," but since she doesn't know who Li'l Bobby is, she chooses the one that says "Free Huey."
  • Vonetta decides to color the posters with the three sisters, whose last name is Ankton.
  • When an Ankton girl starts making fun of Fern for carrying Miss Patty Cake around, Fern and Delphine block them out by singing the song they always sing to cheer themselves up.
  • Part of it goes "La-la-la." You know the one.
  • The Ankton girl keeps going and Delphine tells her to shut up. That's right—you heard her.
  • But mostly she's angry that Vonetta didn't stand up for Fern first. Sisters have to stick together, after all.
  • When the oldest Ankton sister fights back with more attitude, Sister Mukumbu steps in and breaks it up.
  • She makes Delphine and Eunice (the older sister) shake hands.
  • On the way back to Cecile's, Vonetta and Fern start to bicker, but Delphine utters another quick "shut up" and puts a stop to it all.
  • Delphine realizes that Vonetta and Fern need some space, so she and Fern go get the Chinese take-out by themselves.
  • Vonetta seems okay during dinner, but the girls soon find out that she has been up to no good.
  • While alone, she colored in Miss Patty Cake's white face with a black marker, defiling the doll and taking sides against her sisters all in one fell swoop. Bold move, Vonetta.
  • Fern and Vonetta start fighting so loudly that Cecile actually comes in and pulls them apart.
  • She's not warm, she's not comforting, but at least she's willing to do something to care for her daughters. Sort of, anyway.
  • Perhaps this is a step in the right direction?

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