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One Crazy Summer Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Expert Colored Counting

  • Vonetta and Fern are getting a little dissatisfied with the Oakland routine. It's boring.
  • California promised them Disneyland, movie stars, and fun, but all they've gotten is the Center and tons of greasy Lo Mein.
  • So Delphine—who now sees herself as a protester and revolutionary—sets out some demands from Cecile. As far as Delphine's concerned, Cecile is the "Establishment."
  • On their list of demands? A TV.
  • This is actually a big part of their routine and identity: Delphine and her sisters play a game where they count all of the black faces they see on television.
  • Cecile counters all of their arguments by saying TV is big box o' lies, but the girls stand fast. They even sing the theme song from The Monkees just to get Cecile's goat.
  • They next day, they find a radio in their room. It's not the same as a TV, but at least it's something.
  • Monkees FTW.

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