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One Crazy Summer Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Golden Gate Bridge

  • The narrator reflects a bit on their flight: Fern's young, Vonetta's naïve, but Delphine? She's the responsible one—she looks way older than her mature age of eleven.
  • Wait, eleven?
  • Yep. She's wise and responsible for her years.
  • But then the captain announces that you can see the Golden Gate Bridge out the window, and our narrator wants to squeal and act like a little kid again.
  • The narrator tries to get Vonetta to look, but she won't do it. Stubborn kid.
  • Fern, on the other hand, is more than happy to lean over everyone to take a gander.
  • The airplane keeps circling and the narrator can't help herself—she leans over her sister to get a peek at the bridge.
  • At this point we learn the narrator's name because Vonetta shouts it out in a fit: Delphine.
  • The stir brings a stewardess (not "flight attendant") over to scold Delphine for not having her seat belt on and seat back in the upright position.
  • With this, Delphine feels as if she has disgraced her entire race. Talk about pressure.
  • As they head in for their final landing, we'd like to be the first to welcome them to Oakland.

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