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One Crazy Summer Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

San Francisco Treat

  • There's not much to do on weekends in Oakland.
  • The People's Center is closed, and Cecile won't take the girls anywhere.
  • So they make do, playing cards, going to the park, going to the city pool.
  • But this Saturday? This Saturday, Delphine is leading them on a trip to San Francisco. Woo-hoo.
  • Unfortunately, visiting the big city costs some money, so Delphine has to ask Cecile for some more cash, which she dreads.
  • She's pretty sure their mother won't care where they're going, but Delphine decides to spin some straw (that is, be sneaky) just in case.
  • Cecile dumps a bunch of singles and lose change into Delphine's hands, and Delphine is so happy it's working out that she doesn't count it all.
  • Don't worry, it's enough. Phew.
  • As they walk out the door, Cecile warns them not to get arrested.
  • The girls take this as Cecile's version on "Be safe!"
  • Unfortunately, there's a lot to distract the girls on the way to San Francisco—stuff like parks, kickball games, and super annoying Hirohitos on flying T go-karts.
  • Hirohito wants to show off for the girls, and Vonetta and Fern are more than happy to oblige.
  • Delphine acts like she doesn't care, but inside she's just as thrilled watching him fly down the hill as her sisters are.
  • Is she developing a little crush? Maybe.
  • Finally, Delphine realizes they have go in order to make the bus to San Fran, so they make it past Hirohito and get on the bus.
  • As they leave the neighborhood, Fern gets a big wide-eyed "I just saw somethin!" look on her face.
  • Then she actually says those words, three times.
  • But she won't say what she saw.
  • Um, Fern? What did you see?

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