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One Crazy Summer Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

The Third Thing

  • It's the day of the rally.
  • And it's bigger than Delphine would've ever expected; thousands of people have showed up.
  • Black Panthers from all around the country are at this park, here for this cause.
  • Police are lined up around the park, holding clubs in case it turns to a riot.
  • But Delphine isn't scared. She's excited.
  • She feels a part of it. She's partly responsible for it because she helped spread the word, and she's proud of that.
  • The kids' performances are up first, and everything's going well.
  • It looks like Vonetta is feeling super nervous, which makes Delphine nervous and a bit mad—she hopes her kid sister doesn't blow it in front of the huge crowd.
  • But Vonetta swears she's ready to recite Cecile's poem just like they practiced.
  • And Fern says she's ready, too, in a strangely giddy sort of way.
  • Then she barks again. What's up with the barking, Fern, huh?
  • They get up on stage and Vonetta introduces the poem as "I Birthed a Black Nation."
  • Vonetta improvised the "Black." We don't think Cecile—ahem—Nzila will mind, and the crowd definitely loves it.
  • When the sisters finish, the poem is met with lots of applause and the girls walk off stage. Well, two of them do, anyway…
  • Fern stays behind. She has a poem to recite for Crazy Kelvin that no one else knows about. Delphine is about to stop her, but she doesn't.
  • It's about what Fern saw on the way to San Francisco, and why she keeps barking. Finally, right?
  • Apparently Fern saw Kelvin talking to a police officer from the bus, and not in a standing up for your rights kind of way.
  • Nope, Kelvin was talking in an I'll-give-you-information-if-you-give-me-something kind of way.
  • The barking? Well, the officer patted Kelvin on the back like a puppy.
  • Oh man.
  • Delphine says three things happened after that: The crowd went wild for Fern, Crazy Kelvin ran away, and a poet (Fern) was born.
  • That third thing she learns from Cecile, in a letter she gets from her a month later.
  • Yep, they keep in touch.

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