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One Crazy Summer Chapter 31

By Rita Williams-Garcia

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Chapter 31


  • Turns out, Cecile had been released just in time to make it to the rally.
  • The girls see her in the crowd and go running toward her, happy she heard them recite her poem.
  • It's weird, but Cecile seems different—she even compliments Vonetta and Fern (without actually saying Fern's name of course).
  • But the crowd surrounds her before she can compliment her oldest daughter, which Delphine is sure she was just about to do.
  • Then Cecile leaves. She's not one for the spotlight or rallies; she wants to go home.
  • The girls, on the other hand, stay and enjoy themselves.
  • They're flying back to Brooklyn tomorrow, so Fern and Vonetta play with the younger Ankton sisters, while Delphine and Eunice sit together, good friends now.
  • Then Hirohito comes over.
  • Eunice, perceptive as she is, calls him out for liking Delphine.
  • And then Eunice gets Delphine by saying she likes Hirohito, too.
  • This is when Delphine thinks of Eunice as more of a sister than a friend: No one has ever gotten her like this before.
  • Instead of denying the crushes, Hirohito and Delphine both just say "So," which is as good as a marriage vow when you're eleven going on twelve.

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