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One Crazy Summer Chapter 33

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Chapter 33


  • Cecile calls to Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern to wake up, saying all of their names, even Fern's.
  • Fern is pretty psyched about this.
  • But then Delphine brings up Afua. According to her, that's Fern's real name, the one their mother gave her.
  • Fern's not so psyched about this one.
  • Over breakfast Delphine contemplates names again, a little differently this time.
  • And even though she thinks of Fern's name as Afua, she still says Fern in the narrative.
  • They get to airport and Cecile gives Papa a call.
  • Meanwhile a nice white man comes up and tries to take the girls' picture, like they're a museum exhibit. Gross.
  • This time, Cecile is right there: She steps in front, chastising the man for treating her daughter like monkeys on display, defending them like a mother would.
  • They sit silently until their plane is announced.
  • Then the girls start walking to the plane, but to Delphine's surprise, Cecile sticks around and watches them leave.
  • They're in line, ready to hand over their tickets, when Fern breaks away and goes sprinting into Cecile's arms. She jumps right on top of her.
  • Delphine and Vonetta don't hesitate—they run right after her to hug their mother.
  • The shocking thing? Cecile hugs back.

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