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One Crazy Summer Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


  • The next day, Delphine hopes Cecile will make them breakfast or at least hang out with them a bit.
  • No such luck, though; Cecile tells the girls to scram and go to the "People's Center" for breakfast.
  • What is that? Cecile doesn't tell them, and instead she just points them in the right direction.
  • The main description is that there are a lot of black people wearing black clothes, and Delphine is worried about heading into the middle of what she thinks will be a militant crew.
  • Then Cecile hands them a box to give to the Panthers, her contribution to the cause.
  • Fern takes one last second to grab her doll, Miss Patty Cake, much to the chagrin of the ice-cold Cecile, and then the girls head out the door.
  • Their mother's parting words? Take your time coming back.
  • As the girls walk, they contemplate whether to call Pa and Big Ma to come get them.
  • Delphine decides against it since she doesn't want another tongue-lashing from Big Ma for calling collect.

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