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One Crazy Summer Youth

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Delphine sure has a lot of responsibility for an eleven year old in One Crazy Summer. She takes care of Vonetta and Fern, handling the cooking, cleaning, and dreaded bath time schedule, too. In fact, setting her age aside, Delphine's not much of a kid at all. Age is just a number, they say, and to Delphine, this means acting like she's thirty before she even hits her teen years. Fortunately, staying with Hirohito's family makes her realize she has to let go once in a while. This leads her flying downhill on a go-kart, finally playing and acting her age for once.

Questions About Youth

  1. What would be different about the story if Delphine was an adult? Why is her youth so important?
  2. Cecile tells Delphine to be selfish once in a while. What would happen if Delphine took this advice? How is Delphine's maturity directly related to her mom abandoning them?
  3. What is Delphine's attitude toward youth and childhood? How does she feel when she acts like a child?

Chew on This

Delphine doesn't have the luxury of acting like a kid because someone has to be responsible for her sisters.

Delphine puts too much pressure on herself to look out for her sisters when she should just act like a kid.

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