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Remedios the Beauty in One Hundred Years of Solitude

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Remedios the Beauty

The most beautiful woman ever seen in Macondo, Remedios the Beauty is not entirely in her right mind. She is so ethereal and not of this world that eventually she simply floats up to heaven in front of her whole family.

So what's the point of a character like Remedios the Beauty? She kind of raises more questions than she answers, as far as Shmoop is concerned. Is the idea to provide some kind of foil for crazy old Colonel Aureliano Buendía, who says that she's actually the most lucid person he's ever come across, what with her wandering around naked and having no interest in personal grooming? Is she meant to be a commentary on the idea of physical beauty and how far we can take that concept in the face of a person who is otherwise ill-equipped for daily life? Or is she meant to be a bridge between the real and magical worlds of the novel, along the lines of Melquíades? What do you think?

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