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Drine Sykes in The Orange Houses

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Drine Sykes

Mik's mom works multiple jobs just to scrape by. We can tell she cares a lot about her daughter, and wants to give her a better life, even if it's just outside of their reach. When Mik finally gets her new hearing aids and tests them out, Drine is ticked. Why? She explains it to Mik:

But the fact that you didn't wait for me to be here with you when you turned them on? After all that time, the two of us working to get you to this point? All those hours I'm double-shifting, Mika? The years? How could you do that to me? (24.37)

Drine is just blowing off steam, but she still has a point: Sometimes Mik is so caught up in what's going down in her world that she forgets how much her mom is sacrificing for her all the time. In fact, her mom even puts her savings on the line to help Mik's BFF out with immigration. We're willing to bet not all parents would do that. It's clear Mik's mom just wants the best for her daughter, and is willing to work to the bone to get it. Now here's to hoping she gives Jimmi a chance.

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