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The Orange Houses Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


  • At the Orange Houses, twenty-one days before the hanging, Fatima rides the elevator to Mik's place. She's impressed with the speed of the thing. More accurately, she's impressed with electricity in general.
  • When she gets to Mik's place, Mik's mom and NaNa question Fatima. What's her religion? Where are her parents? Why does she live alone?
  • At first Fatima is reluctant to answer all of their questions, but pretty soon she opens up. She's been trying to convince herself to live alone, but if she's honest with herself, she misses her sister—it's nice to hang out with a family.
  • After dinner, Fatima helps clear the plates, and Mik takes her new friend to her room. Mik shows her the drawings she's been working on.
  • Fatima loves them, but she asks where the people are on the streets.
  • Mik's mom comes in with some clothes for Fatima.
  • All she has are some ratty old clothes, and the ones from Mik's mom fit her nicely; Fatima is grateful. So is Mik. She fiddles with her hearing aids so she can hear everything that's happening. 

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