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The Orange Houses Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


  • In a classroom, fourteen days before the hanging, Jaekwon tells Mik she's sexy.
  • She wishes he would leave her alone—his attention only causes trouble with Shanelle—still, though, she likes Jaekwon, especially when he gets close to her like he's going to kiss her. Which he does now.
  • She closes her eyes and waits for the kiss… but when she opens her eyes, Shanelle is standing in Jaekwon's place.
  • She's back from suspension with perfect timing. Shanelle snaps a pic of Mik and promises to send it to everyone she knows, making fun of Mik. Uh-oh.
  • Meanwhile, the G comes up to her and thanks her for doing his math homework.
  • She takes him around the corner to the dumpster and kisses him.
  • He's surprised, but happy. Why'd she do that?
  • She just wanted to and it felt good; he loved it, too.
  • He tells her the G stands for Gale and that he loves her. Mik's not sure how to feel about that—she likes him and all, but she can't be in love with him if she feels sorry for him. Ugh.

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