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The Orange Houses Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


  • At the VA hospital, fourteen days before the hanging, Fatima introduces Mik to the guy in charge.
  • He says Mik can hang out with Fatima in class if she wants, so she follows Fatima to her class and watches her teach the kids how to fold the paper to make a giraffe.
  • Then Fatima asks Mik to lead the class for a little while. Mik's all no way, but Fatima doesn't listen, and instead tells her to help out the kids one-on-one.
  • Mik's not so sure. She tries, but she doesn't see the point.
  • After class, Fatima tells Mik she was great with the kids and says next time she'll teach the whole class.
  • Mik's been smiling so much at the hospital with Fatima that her face aches.
  • On Sunday, her mom tells her she needs to get dressed for church and pray for Joe.
  • What's the point? Mik says. It's not like he'll come back.
  • Her mom leaves in a huff. 

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