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The Orange Houses Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


  • At church, ten days before the hanging, Fatima wakes up extra early so she can sell her papers before church.
  • She meets up with Mik, her mom, and NaNa, and Mik wonders why Fatima would choose to go to church.
  • Fatima explains that it's fun.
  • On Monday, they head out to the Statue of Liberty. The weather is cold and damp, but they are determined to go since it's a holiday so Mik has off from school.
  • NaNa packs them lunches to take, and tells them to be careful.
  • On the way there, a homeless man begs them for food, so they hand over NaNa's sandwiches.
  • Fatima asks if Mik thinks Jimmi is okay, but when Mik says yes, she knows her friend is lying.
  • They sip beer and flirt with cute boys on the ferry over to Liberty Island.
  • After a while, someone makes an announcement on the PA system: The weather is awful so they'll have to turn around.
  • They won't make it to the Statue of Liberty after all, and both girls are bummed since neither has seen it.
  • From far away, they can see Lady Liberty covered in fog. Or her feet, anyway.
  • Fatima says they should laugh about it. 

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