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The Orange Houses Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


  • At school, eight days before the hanging, Mik thinks about her new hearing aids. They're ready for pick up.
  • She knows they spent a lot of Joe's money to buy them, and wonders if there will be any left over for an immigration lawyer to help Fatima.
  • Gale gives her a present and she opens it to find a really nice pen—it's even nicer than the one she wanted.
  • She feels badly and says she can't accept it; after all, she doesn't love him so it wouldn't be right.
  • Gale doesn't care, though, and he wants her to have the pen because he loves her and that's all that matters.
  • She agrees to keep it, but on one condition: She'll do his homework for free for a while. Agreed.
  • She and Fatima get back to Mik's place and take out the hearing aids. Fatima thinks they should wait for her mom—this is a big moment and her mom would want to be here.
  • But Mik has her own ideas, so she turns them on and listens—but she doesn't like what she hears. It's too much sound; too clear; too perfect.
  • Fatima tells her it might be better later, suggesting she try again a different time.
  • Mik's annoyed. Why does her mom make her get new aids?
  • When her mom gets home, she complains to her mom that the doc lied and the new aids are totally uncomfortable.
  • Her mom tells Mik that her feelings are hurt. If she doesn't want the aids, fine, but how could she turn them on without her mom there? She's been working for this moment for years, and Mik just ruined it. 

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