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The Orange Houses Chapter 30

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Chapter 30


  • At Mik's apartment, three days before the hanging, Mik's mom asks her why she's showered and dressed already, when it's not even 4:00AM.
  • Mik explains that she wants to help Fatima with her papers.
  • As she does, she hears the television talk of the new immigration bill that would force local cops to report illegal immigrants to immigration.
  • When Mik gets to Fatima's, she's not sure if she should tell her friend about the bill or not.
  • They work on the papers and then leave for church to meet NaNa and Mik's mom.
  • Mik tells her mom she's worried about Jimmi, which her mom doesn't like to hear.
  • They sing some songs and Mik's mom says Fatima has a lovely singing voice—Mik's still using her old hearing aids, though, so she can't hear it. 

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