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The Orange Houses Chapter 32

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Chapter 32


  • In an immigration lawyer's office, the day before the hanging, Fatima meets with a guy who wants to help her.
  • He can't make any promises, but he'll try to get her the right paperwork to make it official for her sister to come to America—that way she doesn't have to hide from the police any more and she won't be afraid of someone ratting her out.
  • The lawyer will work for free, but there are still a bunch of fees. In total, the bill will be sixty-five grand. Yikes.
  • Mik's mom says they can cover it for Fatima.
  • Wait, what? Fatima is touched by their gesture, but she knows they don't have that kind of dough.
  • NaNa passed the collection plate at church. Plus, they cashed in all their savings.
  • Fatima says they can't do this—she won't allow it because it's way too much money for them, plus there are no guarantees she will even get to stay.
  • Mik's mom and NaNa convince Fatima to let them help her.
  • Once it's all agreed, the lawyer tells Fatima to keep her head down and stay out of trouble. 

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