Study Guide

The Orange Houses Chapter 41

By Paul Griffin

Chapter 41


  • In the ER, Mik and her mom check on Jimmi.
  • He's alive, but he has broken bones and bandages all over.
  • Jimmi tells them he messed up.
  • Earlier, when he was on drugs, he was asking everyone if Fatima was okay—he knew she was there and helped him, and he wanted to make sure she was alive.
  • He was really worried about her, and then some guy was sitting there and started asking questions about who Fatima was.
  • Jimmi was on drugs, and he didn't mean to… but he thinks he told the guy she was an illegal immigrant and described her.
  • The guy must have called the immigration tip line for a payout.
  • Mik and her mom can't believe it: Fatima risked her life for Jimmi, and then he had a hand in turning her in. It's not fair.
  • A couple days later, Mik asks the kids in Fatima's class to make a goodbye book for Fatima. It's filled with drawings and cut outs so she can remember them.

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